Rocky Mountain High 2003 Reunion

Recap of Events

The Rocky Mountain High Reunion (AKA Spook fest) for the 1965 - 1969 Group was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the current home of the Living Legend, Larry (Spook) McKay. The official reunion dates were July 25th and July 26th 2003.

As usual Bob and Rena Gomach were the first to arrive on the Wednesday night prior. It was the first reuniting of the "King of Gross" with the "Prince of Gross" in 36 years. This is a date that will surely live on in infamy.

Thursday arrivals were Raymond Long, Harvey Nichols and George "Zazz" Zasadil. Harvey, who lives in Boulder, picked Zazz up at the Denver Airport and drove on to Colorado Springs. The Gomach's drove to the Denver Airport to fetch Raymond only to find that he had to alter his flight arrangements and arrived at the Colorado Springs airport instead. The Spook rented a suite at the Best Western where the Thursday arrivals shared cocktails and story telling that evening.

Friday arrivals included Dave Marcos, John Chesley, Lew Colwell, Dave Engstrom, Tom Indelicato and Bob (I won't be able to make it) Dymond. Dinner was held in the Best Western Motel's Colorado Room. The highlight of the evening was the official crowning of Larry "Spook" McKay as the "King of Grossness". The Spook said "It's good to be King". Still generous to a fault, the Spook paid for the evening's festivities.

On Saturday a group of the guys went to the Massawa Café (outside of Denver) for a Zigne luncheon. Others visited Pikes Peak, the Garden of the Gods, some did souvenir shopping and some sat in the Tam O'Shanter Pub waiting for the others to arrive. The entire group met for beer and Pizza at the Squatting Chicken Sports Bar that evening. Plans were already being laid for a 2004 reunion.