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Updated Sunday, 31 January 2010
News, additions and changes to the Kagnew Station - 4TH USASAFS Homepage will be posted here.
January 31, 2010 - Sign-up page for the Zazz-A-Palooza Reunion (18-20 June 2010, Treasure Island) added. Click Here
February 15, 2006 - The Reunion for the 1965-1969 Group is being held in Easton, Maryland in July 2006. For Reunion informationn Click here
March 7, 2005 - I have posted my response (review) to Chapter 10 of Michela Wrong's tome about Eritrea - "I Didn't Do It For You" in the stories section of Spook's Alley.
January 28, 2005 - A reunion for the 1965-1969 Group is being held in Treasure Island, Florida in June 2005. For Reunion information Click here.
A new book about Eritrea has been written by Journalist and Author Michela Wrong. "I DIDNíT DO IT FOR YOU - How the World Betrayed A Small African Nation" is now available in the UK and will be published in the US in June 2005. Ms. Wrong attended the 2002 "Blast on the Beach" Reunion and there is a chapter in her book about Kagnew and the US involvement in Eritrea and Ethiopia.
September 1, 2003 -- I know, "It's about time"!
I have just completed a major overhaul of the 4thUSASAFS Web Site in order to make the navigation of and my updating of the site easier. The newly designed Site Map now contains only 4 internal links and 1 external link.

The Hot Links have been removed due to lack of interest (only 5 hits in the past 8 months). Most of these links can be found at www.KagnewStation.com.

The Re-UP page has also been deleted. The sole survivor from Re-Up is the Reunion Section, which is now a separate entity.

The Roster section (Incoming) was eliminated primarily due to the fact that most of the Vets listed there are also listed on the Kagnew Station Homepage Roster, which is more comprehensive and much easier to navigate. If you are not listed on the Kagnew Station Homepage, do so by clicking on the Kagnew Button on the Site Map and going to their Roster section.

Com Center information will now be posted on this News and Updates Page.
As for the In Search Of section, now that the "Spook" has been found, who cares?

The Sound Off (my editorial comments) section is history. No one read it anyway - zero hits in the last 8 months. The one editorial that I will find a place for on this site is titled "Misguided Hatred"! If you have not read it and want to view it click here Editorial.

I have moved the Pizzazz section (my annotated Military History) into Spook's Alley. As it never changes, one visit should be enough for a lifetime.

I have attempted to demolished all those ridiculous "Back Buttons" that I had placed on the Site back in 1998, however some may still exist. They were put there to aid Internet Newguys that didn't know how to use the Back Button on their Browser. My feeling now, is that they have become totally superfluous and if you can't figure out how to go back you're in deep horse pucky.
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